Meet the Dog Who is Saving NYC From Bed Bugs

Goosey, once an unmanageable rescue dog with boundless energy, has transformed into a professional bed bug detection dog in New York City. With two prestigious national certifications from NESDCA and WDDO, Goosey now spends her days helping New Yorkers sleep soundly.

Goosey does this by ensuring their homes and businesses are bed bug-free. Her journey from a rescue dog to a certified bed bug detection expert is nothing short of inspiring.


Let’s get to know Goosey! Our amazing NYC bed bug detection dog! When she’s not finding bed bugs her favorite thing to do is play fetch! #dogswithjobs #bedbugdog #workingdog

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So Much Energy She Needed a Job

goosey working in a store for prevention

Goosey was a dog that nobody (except for an experienced dog person) could handle. Her extreme energy levels and constant need for activity made her a challenging pet. She was surrendered to a rescue organization because her previous owners couldn’t meet her demands.

However, Goosey’s high energy was precisely what made her perfect for a special kind of work. Bed bug detection dogs need to be highly energetic, focused, and relentless in pursuing these awful insects, and Goosey fits the bill perfectly.


It’s always a good idea to have routine bed bug inspections in offices since they are high traffic areas. At the end you’ll see Goosey find her “training vial” of bed bugs! #bedbuginspection #bedbugdog #bedbuginspectionnyc #dogswithjobs

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Goosey Had an Amazing Foster Mom as Her Advocate

Goosey the bed bug dog

Goosey’s former rescue organization (Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue) and foster mom (Elena Tolson of Happy Tails Pet Care) knew that she would only thrive in a place that could meet her physical and emotional needs. Basically, she needed to live with someone who could challenge her mentally and physically daily. 

The bed bug training and ultimate working dog status were a perfect fit.

National Certifications for Goosey the NYC Hero

Goosey a NYC hero saving us from bed bugs

Having certifications for K9 bed bug work is not a requirement in many states, but if you do have them it sets you apart!

NESDCA and WDDO: The Gold Standards

Goosey’s transformation from a rescue dog to a certified detection dog involved rigorous training and testing. She earned her certifications from the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) and the World Detector Dog Organization (WDDO), two of the most respected third-party bed bug certification organizations in the field.

These certifications are not easy to come by and require a dog to demonstrate exceptional skill and reliability in detecting bed bugs. Goosey’s achievements in this area are a testament to her incredible work ethic and training.

Learn more about the certifications and double blind tests below!

Helping People

Being a bed bug dog handler means you are helping people solve pest problems! Our dogs are not only skilled at finding bed bugs but also giving comfort to people after the inspection!

How Goosey Detects Bed Bugs

Goosey’s job involves sniffing out bed bugs in various environments, from apartments and hotels to offices and schools. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to detect with the naked eye, but Goosey’s powerful sense of smell makes her an invaluable asset in the fight against these pests.

She can locate bed bug infestations quickly and accurately, often before humans even realize there’s a problem.

Giving New Yorkers Peace of Mind

For many New Yorkers, bed bugs are a nightmare. They can cause sleepless nights, anxiety, and even health issues.

Goosey’s work helps alleviate these problems by identifying infestations early, allowing for prompt treatment and eradication. Thanks to Goosey, countless New Yorkers can rest easy, knowing their homes and businesses are free of bed bugs.

Goosey’s story is a perfect example of how you can channel a dog’s unique traits and energy into a meaningful and rewarding career. From an unmanageable rescue dog to a certified bed bug detection expert.

Goosey has become a true NYC hero, helping people sleep soundly and live comfortably. Don’t miss the chance to see Goosey in action – check out these videos showcasing her incredible skills and dedication to her work.

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