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Doctor Sniffs Bed Bug Dogs

This bed bug inspection company with a certified NYC bed bug dog will help you determine if you have bed bugs

Dogs are Effective

If you suspect that you have bed bugs, our trained and dual certified dog can sniff them out and let you know where the bed bugs are hiding. If you live in the NYC area we would love to help you discern whether or not you have bed bugs with our bed bug sniffing dog, Goosey. Goosey, the NYC bed bug dog will sniff every inch of your residence, office, or business and determine if there are any bed bugs hiding. You can even use a bed bug dog for a post-treatment inspection; to make sure these horrible blood-sucking insects are gone.


Our women-owned company is an independent canine scent detection company. This means we are not affiliated with any pest control companies. When we arrive with the bed bug sniffing dog we will perform a visual inspection; as well a canine inspection. We will be there to walk you through this every step of the way, you will not feel lost and alone with us by your side.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small parasites that feed exclusively on blood. Bed bugs do not usually inhabit the visible surfaces of beds, couches, or chairs. Some of the cracks and crevices, where you may find them are the seams of chairs, the underside of a box spring, the folds of fabric on a headboard, the molding behind a bed, and in the creases of curtains. They come out of their hiding place every 4 to 10 days to feed. In NYC bed bugs can be picked up just about anywhere. Leave it to a certified NYC bed bug dog to let you know if you happened to have picked up any bed bugs.