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Diana Ludwiczak

Hi,  I’m Diana and I have gone through extensive research and training to bring Goosey, the W.D.D.O. certified dog to you. I want to help you through this every step of the way.


While studying animal medicine in veterinary college, I took a parasitology course where I learned all about bed bugs and continue to keep up to date with the latest and greatest peer-reviewed scientific research on bed bugs.

When people choose Doctor Sniffs they are getting not only a certified bed bug dog but a visual inspection as well. I firmly believe in the motto “show me the bugs!”. When Goosey alerts to the presence of live bed bugs or eggs, I will make every effort possible to show you physical evidence (fecal matter, cast skins, or live bugs). I use scientific methods to confirm the presence of fecal matter by testing suspicious black dots and using a scientifically proven method to find eggs.

I have earned my certification as a dog trainer through the CCPDT organization and must keep up to date through continuing education credits. I have completed many scent detection classes and workshops and it has since become a way of life for me. Nosework is rewarding work for both the dog and handler.

Keeping a bed bug dog up to date on their bed bug finding skills requires daily training and yearly certifications. Doctor Sniffs is a bed bug detection company. We do not offer pest control services and have no vested interest in finding bed bugs. You can count on us for an unbiased inspection.


I can thoroughly explain bed bug biology and behavior to you so you can confidently know what to do and what not to do regarding bed bugs.

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