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The 2020 Scholarship is closed. We will be announcing the winner week.

The Doctor Sniffs Science Major Scholarship Fund. Any student obtaining a science degree (examples: BA, MS, DVM, MD)

1  $500 scholarships will be awarded for 2020.


Application deadline is November 1st, 2020.  The winners will be announced the second week of December 2020 and money disbursed by December 31st,  2020. The winner will be notified by email and money disbursed by a check from Doctor Sniffs Bed Bug Dogs.

Scholarship Criteria

  1. Each nominee must have taken out some student loans for undergrad and graduate school.
  2. Must be enrolled in an undergraduate program with a science major, or graduate program with a science major, or any Doctoral program.
  3. The nominee must answer the questions, complete the essay, and sign the form.
  4. Each nominee must provide a current college transcript.
  5. Must be a US student, enrolled in an accredited college located in the United States. US students attending Ross or SGU, are welcome to apply.
  6. Email it to scholarshipdoctorsniffs@gmail.com  subject should say “2020 COMPLETED SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION”



By applying for this scholarship, you are giving consent to allow us to use your personal information for the purpose of offering the scholarship.  We will not use your personal information for any other reasons.


Email the questionnaire, DOWNLOAD PDF HERE, a copy of your transcript, and essay with the subject line of the email saying “2020 COMPLETED SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION”.  Everything must be sent in one email.

Essay Questions: CHOOSE ONE please write between 500 and 1500 words

  1. What is something specific that you learned in one of your science classes? Be as detailed as you want.
  2. What are your dreams and goals for life after college?


2019 Scholarship Winners

Brittany Playso

Brittany Playso has been researching the importance of cholesterol metabolism in Alzheimer’s disease, since her undergraduate studies. Brittany recently got accepted to Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and will pursue a degree in animal medicine while still maintaining her focus on research.


Adam Celikmen

Adam Celikmen has an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. “I currently am going to the University of Massachusetts Lowell pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I am taking courses in biology/biotechnology and combining that with my computer science degree to create a unique skill set.” 

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