Meet the Fungus that Kills Bed Bugs: Aprehend

Aprehend bed bug treatment is a biopesticide application that effectively utilizes a naturally occurring fungus, Beauveria bassiana, to target, kill, and control bed bug infestations. The US considered this naturally occurring fungal spore for bed bug elimination, and the EPA approved it in 2017.

FWIW: As a bed bug inspection company we do many post treatment inspections, and Aprehend is one of the best options in our professional opinion.

Overview of Aprehend Bed Bug Treatment

Aprehend Bed Bug Treatment is a revolutionary approach that utilizes a fungal spore formulation to combat bed bug infestations effectively. This professional-grade solution precisely targets bed bugs and is designed for immediate and long-term control. Whether the bed bugs are hiding in the box springs, closets, or other hard-to-reach areas, Aprehend will get them.

What Is Aprehend?

Aprehend is a bed bug treatment that harnesses the power of Beauveria bassiana, a naturally occurring fungus. It employs fungal spores in a proprietary formulation to infect and eliminate bed bugs.

When bed bugs come into contact with the spores, the infection begins, ultimately leading to the bugs’ death. When used as directed, Aprehend is considered non-toxic to humans and pets, making it a safe option for use in your home.

Keep in mind that the Beauveria bassiana fungus has been used in agriculture since the early 90’s and was first discovered in by an Italian entomologist named Agostino Bassi in 1835. Currently its used in many warehouses to control pantry pests.

  • Composition: Aprehend contains Beauveria bassiana spores.
  • Method of Action: Bed bugs become carriers upon contact with the treated surface and spread the spores to other bugs.
  • Safety Profile: Classified as non-toxic for humans and pets.
  • Extensive laboratory studies: There are many studies on Aprehend. Check out this one on an infested home in New Jersey.

Key Benefits and Features of This Effective Treatment

Meet the Fungus that Kills Bed Bugs_ Aprehend

Aprehend offers several key benefits and features distinguishing it from traditional bed bug treatments. Plus, since bed bugs are not resistant to it, it won’t be one of the reasons why you can’t get rid of the bed bugs.

  1. Longevity: Since it is one of the examples of residual sprays for bed bugs, it remains active for up to three months after application, providing ongoing protection. A heat treatment has no residual.
  2. Targeted Approach: It is applied strategically in narrow bands throughout the space, where bed bugs are known to walk; they do not need to ingest it to be effective.
  3. Resistance Management: Fungus has a unique mode of action compared to chemical insecticides, which reduces the chance of resistance.
  4. Ease of Use: A professional can implement it without extensive preparation or relocation from your home.

  • Efficacy: Designed for both the eradication of existing infestations and ongoing prevention.
  • Formulation: The product has a unique mode of action, distinct from traditional pesticides.
  • Application: The product is created for professional use, so you want someone who is trained in its use to apply it.

The Science Behind Aprehend

Check out the Aprehend site and FAQ page for a wealth of information and common misconceptions about this proactive treatment.

Aprehend bed bug treatment utilizes a unique approach by deploying a biological agent, specifically a fungus, to tackle bed bug infestations. This method targets the biology of the bed bugs to provide an effective control solution.

Beauveria, a natural pathogen targeting insects, operates through direct contact, bypassing the need for ingestion to initiate infection. Aprehend® harnesses Beauveria’s conidia, tiny ‘seeds’ that easily adhere to the insect’s cuticle or skin. Upon attachment, these conidia germinate and penetrate directly through the cuticle, accessing the insect’s bloodstream. 

Within this internal environment, the fungus thrives, utilizing the blood as sustenance. In a matter of days, typically between 3 and 7, the infected insect succumbs to the fungal invasion, succumbing to illness and eventual demise.

Beauveria Bassiana as the Active Ingredient

Beauveria bassiana is an eco-friendly naturally occurring fungus that is the active ingredient in Aprehend. It is particularly effective against bed bugs because it can infect and breach their defenses. 

Beauveria bassiana FIRST targets the bed bugs’ cuticle, or outer shell, which serves as their first line of defense. Then, it penetrates through the cuticle and enters the insect’s blood / circulatory system. 

  • Origin: This fungus is found globally in soils.
  • Safety: It poses minimal risk to humans and pets but is lethal to bed bugs.
  • Mode of Action:  Beauveria bassiana begins the infection process once in contact with the cuticle.
  • Long-Lasting Spray Residue: It will kill bed bugs 3-7 days after application.

How Fungal Spores Work to Control Bed Bugs

Once you apply Aprehend, the treatment leaves a barrier of fungal spores on surfaces where bed bugs are likely to travel. They design the technology behind Aprehend to exploit the biology of bed bugs, ensuring they come into contact with the spores.


Beauveria bassiana infecting a bed bug

When bed bugs cross this barrier, the spores adhere to their cuticle, and a fungal infection begins. The biopesticide will then overtake the bug’s body.

  • Contact: Bed bugs do not need to ingest the spores; mere contact is sufficient.
  • Germination: The spores will germinate by direct transfer upon attaching to the bed bug’s cuticle.
  • Infection: This leads to penetration and colonization of the body, resulting in the death of the bed bugs.
  • Spread: Infected bugs can also transfer spores to others in their population, amplifying the treatment’s effectiveness.

In conclusion, Aprehend utilizes a strategic biological approach to bed bug control that harnesses the lethal properties of the Beauveria bassiana fungus. By infecting bed bugs through their cuticle and spreading through their population, this treatment offers a potent and sustainable pest control solution.

Application of Aprehend Treatment By A Licensed Pest Professional

Aprehend is a biopesticide used to control bed bugs through a strategic application process that requires careful preparation and safety. Adhering to specific techniques and methods will enhance its effectiveness.

The person applying the Aprehend will know how to store and handle the mixture properly. Especially since Aprehend can not be exposed to high heat; if the Aprehend mixture sits in the back of the vehicle on a hot day, the efficacy will decrease.

Preparation and Safety for Pest Professionals

Before you begin:

  1. Consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for important Aprehend safety information.
  2. Ensure you have protective gear, including face mask and gloves, to safeguard against potential exposure.
  3. Remove clutter from the treatment area before the application to reveal bed bug harborages and provide a clear path for treatment.

Application Process and Techniques

When applying Aprehend, your licensed exterminator will use the spray applicator provided and know where to target. They will attach the provided extension wand kit to reach into cracks and crevices plus all tight spaces where bed bugs harbor. 

Following the label directions, apply a continuous barrier spray; this may involve targeting the edges of the bed frame, the back of the headboards, and around furniture close to the sleeping area. Be methodical to ensure complete coverage without over-application, which could lead to ineffective results.

  • Preparation Checklist:
    • Protective gear (gloves, mask)
    • Consult SDS
    • Extension wand kit
    • Remove clutter from the treatment area 

  • Application Steps:
    1. Attach the special hose and extension wand to the spray applicator.
    2. Identify bed bug harborages.
    3. Apply as a barrier spray according to the label instructions.
    4. Target bed frames, furniture, and potential bed bug entry points.

Optimizing Aprehend Treatment Effectiveness

Adhere to the post-application guidelines specified on the product label to ensure optimal effectiveness of the Aprehend treatment. Refrain from cleaning treated areas immediately to allow the fungal spores to infect and kill the bed bugs. Your exterminator should provide you with specific guidelines on post-treatment actions. 

Reinspect the site after two weeks, and if necessary, reapply the treatment, keeping to the recommended application frequency to prevent resistance. Regular monitoring and possible follow-up treatments will provide the best long-term protection.

  • Post-Application Tips:
    • Avoid cleaning or disturbing treated areas.
    • Do not disturb the spray barriers.
    • Monitor and reassess after two weeks.
    • Follow the label for reapplication schedules.

Efficacy and Performance of Aprehend 

Aprehend Bed Bug Treatment has garnered attention for its targeted approach to bed bug eradication, contrasting the sometimes less effective methods that pests may grow resistant to.

Eradication Success Rates

Your success in eradicating bed bug infestations largely hinges on the effectiveness of your chosen treatment. Aprehend employs Beauveria bassiana, a natural fungal biopesticide that infects and kills bed bugs. 

dead bed bugs

Studies show Aprehend’s success rates are promising, with a significant reduction in bed bug populations typically observed within a few days, leading to complete eradication over a span of a few weeks.

  • Initial Knockdown: Within 72 hours, Aprehend begins affecting bed bug populations.
  • Remain in the home: Aprehend works best when people are still living in the house. However, even with this knowledge, it’s still effective in vacant units; check out this case study.
  • Long-term Control: Achieves eradication within several weeks, with preventative qualities lasting up to three months.

Comparison to Traditional Pesticides

When comparing Aprehend to traditional chemical pesticides, it’s vital to consider factors like safety, efficacy, and resistance.

  • Chemical Resistance: Many bed bug populations have developed resistance to common pesticides, making traditional chemicals less effective. Aprehend’s mechanism of action is distinct. It targets the bed bugs without reliance on chemical toxicity, thus bypassing the issue of chemical resistance.

  • Efficacy: While traditional pesticides may require multiple applications, Aprehend is designed to be long-lasting, often requiring only a single application to be effective. This can make it a more convenient option and, in many cases, the best bed bug treatment option due to its consistent performance.

Usage and Target Environments

Aprehend Bed Bug Treatment is designed for use in various environments where bed bug infestations can occur. Understanding these settings can help maximize the treatment’s effectiveness.

Suitable Locations for Treatment

Hotels, Homes, offices, and Dormitories: Aprehend is effective in places where bed bugs are most likely to hide or travel. These locations include but are not limited to:

When applying Aprehend, it is essential to systematically target these typical bed bug hiding places to reduce the population and prevent their spread.

Preventive vs Reactive Approaches

Preventive Treatment: You can utilize Aprehend as a proactive measure to create a spray barrier against potential bed bug infestations. Key preventive strategies include:

  • Regular Application in High-Risk Areas: For example, routine treatments in hotel rooms can help prevent the establishment of bed bugs in the market-driven and competitive hospitality industry.

  • Monitoring Furniture and Mattresses: Check and treat items more susceptible to bed bug infestations in domestic settings.

Reactive Treatment (Visible Bed Bugs): Using Aprehend should be more intensive and thorough when an infestation is already present. Ensure complete coverage of all possible bed bug harborages. React swiftly to treat infested areas to curtail the infestation and prevent the bugs from spreading to new locations in your environment.

Professional and Consumer Perspectives

In exploring the Aprehend Bed Bug Treatment, your understanding of its efficacy will greatly benefit from insights shared by those in pest management and customers who have used the product.

Feedback from Pest Management Professionals

Pest Management Professionals often consider Aprehend a valuable tool in their arsenal against bed bugs due to its unique fungal properties. You’ll find that many bed bug specialist companies will now integrate Aprehend into their pest control strategies.

Professionals report:

  • Effectiveness
  • Aprehend has been praised for its long-term effectiveness in creating a barrier controlling bed bug populations. It targets bed bugs of all life stages, but you’ll need to wait for the eggs to hatch so the nymphs can become infected with the conidia of beauveria.
  • Usage
  • Specialists appreciate Aprehend’s ease of application and the minimal preparation required compared to traditional methods.

Customer Experiences and Satisfaction

When it comes to Customer Feedback, several aspects stand out in the reviews you might come across:

  • Satisfaction: Customers have shared positive experiences regarding Aprehend’s ability to exterminate bed bugs, noting a significant decrease in bed bug sightings post-treatment.

  • Safety: Aprehend’s non-toxic approach resonates well with consumers looking for safer pest control options for their households.

Understanding these perspectives equips you with a balanced view of Aprehend’s role in bed bug management, from a professional and consumer standpoint.

Regulatory and Market Information

When considering Aprehend Bed Bug Treatment, it’s essential to know its market presence, regulatory status, and consumer economic impact.

Availability and Legal Status

United States: Aprehend is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is legally used by licensed pest control professionals. Its availability varies by state, so you should check local regulations.

Canada: The regulatory status in Canada differs, but now Aprehend is also available to licensed professionals in Canada.

Major Cities: In major cities across the United States, where bed bug infestations are more common, Aprehend is often used by professional exterminators.

Cost Factors and Pro Tips for Aprehend

When evaluating the cost of Aprehend, you must consider many things like:

  • Aprehend may cost more than traditional chemical treatments, but you’ll save time and money in the long run
  • You won’t have to spend days bagging up your home (as you would with a high-prep method)
  • Minimal prep will save you time and hence money in the long run
  • You won’t risk re-infesting yourself with bagged items that contain bed bugs
  • If your pest professional combines Aprehend with another method, your chances of total bed bug elimination will increase!