Best Bed Bug Proof Laundry Hamper

If you are worried about bed bugs crawling in or out of your laundry hamper, then we are here to help. We have expert tips on finding the best bed bug proof laundry hamper and DIY tips on preventing bed bugs from crawling out.

The first step in finding the best bed bug proof laundry hamper is to understand what makes a hamper “bed bug-proof.” Look for hampers with tight-fitting lids made from solid materials such as plastic, metal, or canvas. Also, ensure that the material used for the laundry hamper does not have crevices like wicker. Unfortunately, bed bugs can easily hide within the cross fibers of the wicker.

You can use bed bug traps and plastic bags for DIY tips on keeping bed bugs from entering your laundry hamper. You can place the traps on the floor around your room.

Using a bed bug proof laundry bag like the one from DormCo, can help keep the bugs out of our laundry.

Reasons Why You Need a Bed Bug Proof Laundry Bag

These reasons alone should convince anyone of the importance of investing in a bed bug-proof laundry bag. Furthermore, since washing clothes is part of the bed bug eradication process, you’ll want a sound system to separate the clean from the dirty items.

  • A bed bug proof laundry bag will help reduce the spread. If you have an active bed bug infestation, throwing your clothing into any old hamper or laundry bag can spread the bed bugs.

  • If you have roommates who risk bringing bed bugs into your home, a bed bug proof laundry bag can help keep them out of your laundry.

  • Another big reason is if you work out of the home. Places like offices, schools and hospitals are prone to bed bug infestations. Using a bed bug-proof laundry bag ensures that any clothing or items you take home from these places do not contain any bed bugs.

  • If you hang out in coffee shops or bars, it’s crucial to strip when returning home and place your clothing in a bed bug proof laundry bag.

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Best Bed Bug Proof Laundry Bag

best bed bug proof laundry hamper

Plain Plastic Bags

SOSOHOME 6 Gallon Trash Bags, Small Garbage Bags, Fits 5-6 Gallon Bins, Clear Wastebasket Trash Liners, 75 Counts
  • Clear, 75 counts, 3 rolls(25 counts/ roll), non-scent, durable and strong.
  • Material: made from high-quality PE material to guarantee glossy surface, smooth touch and no odor.
  • Suitable garbage can: The maximum size for ROUND trash bins is the diameter of can<12.5" and depth<22". The maximum size for SQUARE trash bins is the top size<9.8" and tall<18".
  • Multipurpose: Suitable for bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, kitchen, cleaning pet's litter and baby diapers.
  • Roll Design: Package include 75 counts of 3 rolls 5 - 6 gallon clear trash liners/ wastebasket trash liners, they arrive in a neat roll, perfect for storage.

While dealing with a bed bug infestation, you can use plastic bags for your laundry. Doing this will ensure that the bed bugs stay sealed in the bag and do not spread.

Keep in mind that these clear bags are not as thick as the black bags, so that they might rip easier. If you are concerned about tears, then invest in some bags like these construction bags.

It’s an inexpensive method for dealing with contaminated items before washing them. But you’ll need to ensure that you are tying it in a knot without a hole.

Canvas Bed Bug Proof Laundry Bag

canvas bed bug proof laundry bag

Bug-proof zipper

The bag is thick enough, so the bed bug won’t fit through the weave. Plus, it has a proprietary micro zipper technology, which ensures that bed bugs can’t pass through the zipper.

Bed Bug Proof Laundry Hamper Collapsible

Lifewit Laundry Hamper Large Collapsible Laundry Basket, Freestanding Waterproof Clothes Hamper Storage with Easy Carry Handles for Clothes in Bedroom Bathroom College Dorm for Adults, Grey
  • Freestanding Structure: With a sturdy iron wire frame sewn into the top edges, so the laundry basket stands firmly upright for a very long time even when empty. Simply stretch the dirty clothes hamper out and it will stand upright on its own.
  • Ultra Large: The laundry hamper measures 15.7 x 11.8 x 23.6 inches (L x W x H) with a capacity of 72L and 2 of set which easily contains 1.5x2 loads of laundry. It can hold a lot of items such as dirty clothes, wet towels, sheets, etc.
  • Reinforced Handles: The 2 handles are reinforced with durable stitching and are long enough for carring with 1 or 2 hands. While full of items, our large hampers for laundry can also be easily carried up and down stairs or to a laundromat with ease.
  • Premium Material: The foldable clothes basket is made from thick polyester and primuin cotton. The interior features PE waterproof coating can keep stored items dry. Simply use a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt. Do not clean it in washing machine and dryer, as doing so may damage the leakproof PE coating.
  • Collapsible Design: Our laundry hampers for bedroom can be easily folded into one piece for a save space storage when not in use. It is ideal for laundry room, bedroom, bathroom, closet, and even for college dorms, travel, rv, campers, hotel use and shopping.

We like this bed bug proof laundry hamper for two reasons. While the laundry hampers on their own are not bed bug proof, you can easily turn them into one.

  • You can line the canvas bag with a plastic bag and then tie a knot in the top. Doing this will properly seal any clothing you place in it. The plastic bag is a must if you work in an office with a known bed bug issue. You’ll need to place your clothes in a sealed bag every time you come home from work.

  • We love how you can wash the entire laundry bag every time you do your laundry. Doing this can also give you peace of mind that you didn’t leave any bugs in or on the bag.

Airtight Snap Bins

IRIS USA 19 Qt Storage Box with Gasket Seal Lid, 6 Pack - BPA-Free, Made in USA - Heavy Duty Moving Containers with Tight Latch, Weather Proof Tote Bin, WEATHERPRO - Clear/Black
  • MADE IN USA: Quality you can trust! Our storage bins are proudly crafted in the USA using high-quality, durable materials, ensuring your belongings stay safe and secure.
  • WEATHERPRO GASKET SEAL: These bins feature top-notch seals in the lid that create a vacuum-like environment to lock out moisture, dust, and more. Keep your belongings fresh and safe!
  • TIGHT BUCKLE-UP LATCHES: The multi-buckle latching system ensures a tight and secure fit. Ideal for storing all sorts of items like documents, food, clothes, camping and hunting gear, etc.
  • STACKABLE DESIGN: The grooved lid and body allow for easy, secure stacking, making it a breeze to store and transport your items in your home or vehicle. Save space and stay organized!
  • BPA-FREE AND ACID-FREE: The material used is safe for storing items, as it's free from harmful chemicals like BPA, acids and phthalates.

As long as the bin has a gasket that makes it airtight, it will be bed bug-proof. You’ll want a few of these if you are currently going through an active bed bug infestation. These can also come in handy for clean clothing you just took out of the wash. So you can have one dedicated to dirty laundry and the other to clean laundry. Using an airtight snap bin will ensure that any bugs roaming around will not get into your clean clothes.

Large Ziplock Brand Plastic Bags (Awesome Bed Bug Proof Storage Bags)

  • Ziploc Big Bags have a pleated bottom and secure Double Zipper Seal to ensure stability and security from the elements
  • Flexible shape and heavy-duty plastic. BPA free
  • Convenient built-in handles
  • Protects from moisture, dust, and pests
  • Fits into places where storage boxes can't

Large Ziplock Brand Plastic Bags are the perfect choice for dealing with bed bugs and laundry. Not only does this bed bug proof storage bag offer protection from these bugs, but its size makes it ideal for separating clean and dirty items.

The large size and the locking closure on top ensure that whatever you put in one pouch is sealed. More importantly, they are great for avoiding cross-contamination between clean and soiled items.

What are Some Bed Bug Proof Storage Bags

We love the airtight snap bins since they are easy to stack and manage. They allow you to see what’s inside, so you can keep things organized when dealing with a bed bug issue.

bed bug proof storage bin

On another note, our clients love these large stand-up ziplock clothing storage bags.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Hampers?

Can bedbugs live in hampers? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. The bed bugs can survive and even thrive if you place infested laundry items into a hamper.

A study published in 2017 titled “Bed bug aggregation on dirty laundry: a mechanism for passive dispersal” did find that bed bugs were more likely to move toward dirty clothes rather than clean ones.

That’s right; if you keep dirty clothes near your bed, the bugs may try to establish a harborage near their food source. So if you think bed bugs may be lurking in your hamper, it’s essential to take preventative steps, like laundering, as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts for the Best Bed Bug Proof Laundry Hamper

We hope our guide has helped you find the perfect hamper to keep your laundry safe from pests! Before you choose a laundry hamper, be sure to consider all of the features that will make it bed bug proof. The most important things to look for are a tightly sealed lid and sturdy construction.