Albino Roach – What Is It and What to Do if You See One (with Photos)

An albino roach is not a rare type of cockroach that lost its melanin pigment. Instead, it is an ordinary roach that has shed its skin. The new skin is ashen, almost white. 

You may see an albino roach in your home if you have a roach infestation. These are not mutant roaches but just normal roaches undergoing the life cycle transformation. We recently caught an albino roach, and one hour later, its color returned.

If you see an albino roach, there is no need to be alarmed. This does not mean that there are more varieties of insects in your home. In fact, seeing an albino roach just means you caught a bug in the middle of a transformation.

It’s actually rare to see an albino roach in the middle of its transformation because they usually do it in dark crevices. They don’t usually walk around in the albino state because their outer white skin is delicate and unprotected.

albino roach molting

If you see an albino roach, leave it be and let it finish molting. However, if you have a roach infestation, you should take action to eliminate the insects.

There are many ways to get rid of roaches, but one of the most effective is to use roach traps and bait. Roach traps are devices that lure roaches in with a food attractant and then kill them. Keep all roach baits away from pets.

You can find roach traps at most hardware stores or online. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before using them, as some roach traps require you to put out bait beforehand while others do not.

You must refer to the manufacturer’s direction for any DIY roach treatments you implement.

what is an albino roach

Albino Roach – A Roach Nymph That Just Shed Its Skin

The albino roaches are not often seen because when the cockroach sheds its skin, it usually does it in a protected place. This molting is called the ecdysial process, and other arthropods are capable of shedding their skin as well.

albino roach coming out of old shell
A roach shedding its skin. The albino roach will turn dark in a few hours.

With the hard outer shell gone, the roach’s body is softer and more suspectable of getting damaged. The albino roach is also more at risk of being attacked by other roach predators like the centipedes.

white cockroach molting
The last stage of a white roach transformation will develop its wings.

Bed bugs, woodlouse, cicadas, and more all shed their outer skin when they grow into adults. Even a woodlouse will go through a short albino phase before its cuticle darkens.

Learn all about bed bug casings in this article!

If you see an albino roach with wings, you can be sure it’s in the final stage before adulthood. Once an insect develops wings, it is in the last nymphal stage and will no longer shed the outer shell. There are many other bugs that look like cockroaches, so be sure to capture whatever you find so you can have someone ID the insect.

Often, people will find an albino roach and think they have a rare mutation or new roach species. Just remember that all cockroaches molt and an albino roach is just a baby roach in the process of molting.

Do you think you have found an albino roach? We would love to see your photos! Please email them to us at r @ doctorsniffs . com (remove the spaces)

albino cockroach nymph molting
A newly molted albino roach. The white cockroach will turn dark within a few hours.

What Is the Scary Truth About White Roaches?

If you see white roaches, it means you have a roach infestation. An albino roach is in the nymph stage, which means they are transforming into adult roaches.

You may want to call a cockroach specialist company that can holistically assess your apartment or house. Dealing with a roach problem requires an integrated pest management plan.

newly molted roach
The white roach will begin to darken over the course of a few hours.

The scary truth about seeing white roaches is that you must begin cleaning and decluttering.

Do White Roaches Bite?

Roach bites, in general, are rare and a white roach is no different. Bites usually happen when a bug is feeling threatened or if you have food residue on your body. If an insect bites you, it will most likely be an accident.

The white albino roaches are not out hunting for food until they finish growing their cuticle. These white roaches will begin to eat the feces of the other roaches. Learn more about “what do roaches eat?” here.

Once the white cockroach turns dark reddish brown, it may bite you if you are in its path or have a severe infestation.

What Is a Flying White Cockroach?

An albino roach does not have its wings yet. So if you see a “flying white cockroach,” it is not a cockroach. It is most likely a white fly, a termite, or a moth.

If you have found what you think is an albino roach with wings, take a photo and email it to us at r @ doctorsniffs .com (remove the spaces) so we can help you ID it.

What Is a White Bug That Looks Like a Roach?

Some examples of white bugs that look like roaches are: (a pest professional will not confuse these bugs with insects, but a non-professional might)

  • termites
  • clothing moths
  • white flies
  • mites
  • some pantry pests

Final Thoughts for Albino Roach Facts

So there you have it- the mystery of the albino roach has been solved! It’s not a rare form of insect that lost its pigment but rather an ordinary cockroach that has shed its skin.

The albino roach’s new skin is very pale, almost white, which is why it was mistaken for a different species. Now that you know what to look for, you can quickly identify an albino roach when you see one. 

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