Do Bed Bugs Bite Every Night? (and How Often Do They Bite?)

Do Bed Bugs Bite Every Night? One single bed bug will not bite every night. Each bed bug must fill up on blood every 4-7 days.

The nymphs will bite between each stage that they molt. Subsequently, this is why in an early infestation, someone may only experience bed bug bites about once a week. 

Once the bed bugs start mating, your chances of getting bites every night increase. If a nymph bites you on a Monday, then it may not come back out of hiding again until later in the week. 

The bed bug life cycle goes from eggs to nymphs to adults. The babies and adults can all bite you. If you have nymphs in various stages, you can get multiple bugs biting you on the same night.

How Many Times Can a Bed Bug Bite in One Night?

Do Bed Bugs Bite Every Night - How often do bed bugs feed?
Do Bed Bugs Bite Every Night?

According to Chapter 16, “Bed Bug Biology” in the book “Advances in the Biology and Management of Modern Bed Bugs,” A single bed bug will need 5 to 20 minutes to fill up on blood. Therefore a single bed bug may bite multiple times if they get dislodged from feeding.

However, a bed bug can live without food for a few months. But they will only starve themselves if there is no blood meal nearby.

In most cases, a bed bug will feed on you at night time while you are sleeping. You may disturb a feeding bed bug if you move or jolt in your sleep. If a bed bug is in the middle of a feeding and you accidentally disturb it, it will probably find another spot to insert the feeding tube.

We will see multiple bites from a single bed bug in this situation. However, in most cases, the bed bug feeds on you while you are sound asleep. Therefore it only needs to bite you once to fill up on a blood meal.

Bed bugs congregate in harborages around you, wherever you sleep or spend a lot of time. After the bed bug fills up on blood, it will crawl back to its harborage. Learn all about “where do bed bugs hide?” here.

Do Bed Bugs Bite During the Day?

Yes, bed bugs can bite you during the day. Bed bugs are primarily active at night because we are asleep and not moving around.

However, there are certain circumstances where bedbugs may bite you during the day. Learn all about how to find bed bugs during the day here.

Here are some top reasons why a bed bug may bite you during the day:

  • If you are taking a nap in an infested room, a bed bug may sense the carbon dioxide and come out to feed on you.
  • Bed bugs can also bite you during the day if you sit still for a long time. If you are working from home in an infested room, a bed bug may sense the carbon dioxide and come out to feed on you.

  • If you accidentally disturb a harborage, you may cause the bed bugs to roam around in the daytime. Then they may decide to take a blood meal if they are hungry enough. A bed bug may also bite during the day if it is disturbed.

  • If you are moving around in an infested room, a bed bug may sense the CO2 movement and come out to bite you.

  • You may have a heavily infested neighbor who is self-treating their bed bug issue. In this case, bed bugs can be fleeing from treatments that are not strong enough to kill them. They may wander into your apartment through the walls, along radiator pipes, outlets, or air vents.

  • You may sit on a couch or theatre seat, where nobody sleeps. Therefore the bed bugs will need to feed whenever they get the opportunity. Bed bugs do not stay on your body like ticks.

Do Bed Bugs Bite Only at Night?

No, the bed bugs can bite during the day if they are in a place where nobody sleeps. They will need to feed whenever they get the opportunity.

However, bed bugs are primarily active at night because they have adapted to feed on us while we are sound asleep. A bed bug even avoids hair.

Mainly because crawling through your hairy arm may cause you to feel the sensation of something crawling on you and, in turn, wake up. It’s also one of the reasons why bed bugs on hair are not really a “thing.”

What Time of Night Do Bed Bugs Come Out?

During the hours of midnight and 5 am is when they will most likely be looking for a blood meal. However, this does not mean you won’t get bit at 11 pm. It just depends on the bed bug and when it last fed.

Warmth and carbon dioxide from your breath attract bed bugs. As a result, they will be most active when you sleep and rest rather than walking about.

Can Bed Bugs Bite Only One Person?

bed bug crawling on skin in Connecticut - one bed bug does not bite every night
Do Bed Bugs Bite Every Night?

No, bed bugs will bite any person in their vicinity. However, some people do not react to bed bug bites.

If you are sleeping near the harborage, the bed bugs will probably bite the first person they encounter. Then as the infestation increases, the bugs will spread out, and more people will get bit. As we mentioned above, not everyone will react to the bites and know they are getting bit.

Therefore even though they are getting bit by bed bugs, their skin does not show a reaction. Studies show that, on average, 30% of humans do not react to bed bug bites.

Do Bed Bugs Only Bite Certain People?

No bed bugs will bite any person because they need blood to survive. If there are no people around, they may move on to feeding on pets, rodents, and other creatures living near your house.

Final Thoughts for Do Bed Bugs Bite Every Night? 

So, do bed bugs bite every night? The answer is complicated. It depends on various factors, including the level of infestation, where you are in relation to that infestation, and how active the bed bugs are at that moment.

If you have a significant number of bed bugs in your bed, then ten bugs will bite you on Monday, another five on Tuesday, and so on…

However, if you’re worried about getting bitten while you sleep, there are some precautions you can take to make your environment less hospitable to bed bugs. Like making sure you do deep crack and crevice vacuuming for bed bugs and use bed bug mattress covers too!

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