Can Bed Bugs Live on Leather?

If you are wondering if leather couches can get bed bugs, the answer is yes; they can. Bed bugs can live on almost any type of surface. When they are on a leather couch, you can find them hiding in a seam, a crease, or deep inside the wooden frame.

Over the years, we have witnessed many cases where bed bugs infest a leather couch. Below we will go over what to do if you suspect bed bugs on a leather couch.

Even though leather is slicker than cloth, bed bugs have a tarsal wrist pad that helps them cling onto surfaces and crawl. There are plenty of great hiding spots on a leather couch for bed bugs.

Learn how fast bed bugs can spread from room to room here. If your couch has bed bugs, it’s probably a good idea to treat the whole apartment or house.

Can Bed Bugs be on a leather couch?

Bed Bugs on Leather Couch, What Should I Do?

If you find bed bugs on your leather couch, the best thing to do is to call a professional treatment company. More than likely, if you find bed bugs on a leather sofa, you also have them in the bedrooms. 

Using DIY methods, treating a couch for bed bugs is not advised since you can potentially worsen the problem. DIY sprays you buy in a hardware store are not strong enough to kill all the bed bugs. Instead, they will cause some bugs to move further away, making it harder to find and kill them.

If you can’t afford a professional treatment company, you can take the following steps:

  • Hire a bed bug sniffing dog company to help determine if you have bed bugs in your leather couch. Be aware that leather is impermeable, so the bed bug odor may not permeate through the leather.

Under the sofa is where the dog may catch the bed bug odor. For this reason, we usually fluff up the cushions and ensure the dog sniffs underneath the couch. Sometimes we flip the sofa on its back, so the K9 has a better chance of catching the bed bug odor.

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Goosey, the NYC bed bug dog, sniffing a leather couch for bed bugs.

  • If you can’t afford a bed bug dog, then set out some traps for bed bugs. Traps can help you monitor and catch a bug.

  • Vacuum the entire couch, including the inside frame. Turn the sofa on its back, remove the dust cover, and vacuum every wooden joint inside the sofa.

A bed bug on a leather chair

Do Bed Bugs Like Leather?

Bed bugs like any surface where they can hide but be near humans. If the bed bug can be close to a human host, it will be happy on any surface.

If you often sleep on the leather couch, your bed bugs will like the leather couch. A bed bug’s only motivation for being on leather is because humans sit there.

Can Bed Bugs Get Into Leather Sofas?

How can you tell if a leather couch has bed bugs?

Yes, they can. Bed bugs can get into just about any furniture, including leather sofas. These tiny pests are experts at hiding and can squeeze into minor cracks and crevices.

Keep in mind that anywhere you can fit a piece of paper is a place where a bed bug can squeeze into. Often a bed bug will set up shop on the inside frame of a leather sofa. They can also squeeze into the space where the couch legs are screwed into the bottom.

So, if you have a leather sofa, you must be vigilant and inspect it regularly for signs of bed bugs. More importantly, if you do find bed bugs on your couch, don’t panic.

There are several effective methods for getting rid of them. But, if you want to avoid dealing with an infestation, the best course of action is to prevent them from getting into your sofa in the first place. Here are a few tips:

– Regularly vacuum your sofa, using an attachment to reach into all the nooks and crannies.

– Inspect your sofa for bed bug signs, such as bed bug poop or shells.

– Keep your sofa clean and free of clutter where bed bugs could hide.

– If you suspect bed bugs in your sofa, call a professional exterminator immediately.

How Can You Tell if a Leather Couch Has Bed Bugs?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check for bed bugs on a leather couch.

  • Use a bright flashlight and check every cushion, particularly the zippers and creases.

  • Move the couch away from the wall and check the back. I often find bed bugs hanging out on the backside of the sofa.

  • If you feel itchy or have bites, whether its bed bugs vs dust mites, you’ll need to look for evidence.
  • Flip the couch on its back and look along any seams on the bottom.

  • Unscrew the feet from the couch. The narrow space between the couch foot and the leather fabric is often a likely hiding spot.

  • Take off the stapled-on dust cover underneath. Then inspect the entire wooden frame with a flashlight. Furthermore, look for bed bug stains on the wood.

bed bugs on a leather chair

Even after you perform all of these steps, you still may not be able to see the bugs, especially if they are squeezing between two pieces of wood. However, you may more likely see the fecal stains on the wood.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs Out of Leather?

Your best bet is to hire a professional treatment company. Look for a bed bug specialist company that uses an integrated pest management plan. A company like this will be better equipped with the up-to-date knowledge to solve a bed bug issue.

How to Kill Bed Bugs in/on a Couch?

To kill bed bugs on a couch, you will need a bed bug specialist company to help you solve the problem. When looking for a bed bug treatment company, make sure they give you a guarantee. Not only that, but make sure they are using an integrated pest management plan for bed bugs.

Are There Couch Covers to Prevent Bed Bugs?

Using couch covers to prevent bed bugs from biting you is one method for dealing with them on a sofa. Couch encasements are an excellent way to seal up your couch and lock in any bed bugs on it.

However, using a couch encasement will not solve your problem; it is just one piece to the puzzle. When dealing with bed bugs, it’s important to use a comprehensive method that tackles the problem from many angles.

Furthermore, a couch cover for bed bugs will protect your couch from getting even more infested. The couch cover will zip around your couch and prevent bed bugs from entering or exiting the sofa.

Should I Throw Away My Leather Couch if It Has Bed Bugs?

No, you do not have to throw away your leather couch if it has bed bugs. A leather couch is treatable, mainly if you use a professional treatment company.

Can Bed Bugs Bite Through Vinyl?

No, a bed bug does not have chewing mouthparts and cannot bite through the vinyl. You may also be interested in learning about “do bed bugs bite through clothes?” The simple answer is no; they do not. However, our article goes into much more depth.

Final Thoughts for Can Bed Bugs Live on Leather?

Although bed bugs are awful, having them on your leather couch is not good. Prevention is critical, so ensure you regularly vacuum your furniture and inspect it for any signs of an infestation.

Importantly, if you do find bed bugs, don’t panic! There are professional treatment companies that can help you get rid of them completely. And finally, don’t forget to use a professional treatment company if you see them on your leather couch.